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Products AV308-X Series

Vibration measurement equipment Types AV308 Series

All in one for vibration measurement equipment

Types AV308-X series consists of triaxial MEMS Accelerometer, CPU, flash memory, USB or rs485 controller and WIFI. The built-in CPU can be used as a high performance frequency analyzer using FFT or digital filters. The built-in flash memory enables machine health monitoring using frequency analyzed data. Therefore, it is a very powerful system that can frequency analyze vibration signals in a very small body to constantly monitoring whether the vibration signals are within the specified range and indicate an immediate abnormality when out of range. Types AV308-X series can be simply used as a three-axis accelerometer, but its powerful built-in features make it simple to build systems for vibration measurement and diagnostic purposes, and will bring enormous cost savings.

The creative items, AV308 Series by AVIIS include features and can be applicable to the following :


  • 3Axis Accelerometer
  • 0~800Hz Frequency range
  • 2/4/6/8/16g Full scale range
  • 20*21*10mm small size
  • USB Micro-B type connector
  • External Battery
  • Select Wi-Fi , USB, RS485 for data transfer


  • General vibration measurement
  • Machine condition Monitoring
  • Fence Intrusion Detection