AVISS - Advanced Visualization System

About AVISS (Advanced Visualization System)

How AVISS becomes the company's name?

Visualization of complex physical, geometrical, and medical systems has become indispensable for computational scientists and engineers, providing insights into simulated and instrumental data that would otherwise be impossible. Scientific visualization is therefore one of the fastest growing and most important areas of high performance computing. Advanced visualization system specialists offer software for scientific visualization.

Advanced visualization system goal is to provide greater access to 3D visualization, animation and image analysis for the scientific and engineering community. Major changes in technology as well as changing requirements from our research users are driving our plans. We expect large distributed/parallel computers, coupled with high-volume networks to change the way we render images.

We also expect our users to require much bigger and more diverse datasets as we move away from a simulation client base to a mixed client base of simulation, image analysis, and database management. We will be helping to develop methods which will enable scientists, engineers, and students produce useful imagery from a variety of data sources and databases.

Our Team

Choi Man Rim

Technical Representative Director

Kim Jong Taek

Marketing Director

Koh Young Heum

Project Manager