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ECG Monitoring

Development of an analytical method that accurately measures various indexes (PQRST cycle and size) necessary for ECG (Electrocardiogram) diagnosis and processes them to quantified values

Vibration Monitoring

For the purpose of Vibration Quality Control, we provide a new concept vibration measurement analysis module with the size of a general three-axis accelerometer that aggregates MEMS sensors, CPU, WiFi and USB interface.

Terrain Image Digitalization

AVISS has a rendering technology optimized for the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and shows excellent memory savings and very fast rendering speeds when handling massive amounts of data.

Products Summary

intrusion identification

Fence Intrusion Detection Sensor Types AV308-X

AV308-X detects and calculates excellent amplitude sensitivity and vibration frequency and then makes a database of frequency characteristics such as digging, cutting, and jumping the fence. As a result, AV308-X has the ability to fully distinguish whether the fence's signal is a typhoon, an animal's approach, or a one-time fence stimulus for people walking around.

Simple application of Vibration Quality Control

Types AV308-X series consists of triaxial MEMS Accelerometer, CPU, flash memory, USB or rs485 controller and WIFI. The built-in CPU can be used as a high performance frequency analyzer using FFT or digital filters. The built-in flash memory enables machine health monitoring using frequency analyzed data. Therefore, it is a very powerful system that can frequency analyze vibration signals in a very small body to constantly monitoring whether the vibration signals are within the specified range and indicate an immediate abnormality when out of range.

All in one for vibration measurement equipment

The AV308-X has 2Mbit of memory and 240MHz of CPU inside. Using this function, we want to control the quality of welding results of simple welding structures. In general, to test the dynamic characteristics of a structure, the impact force of the impact hammer and the FRF of the structure behavior should be used. However, in order to simplify the quality check of the welding condition of the structure, the vibration auto spectrum of the structure by impact hammer testing is sufficient.

Condition Monitoring of rotating machines with AV308-X

Condition Monitoring is the continuous monitoring of rotating machines during process conditions. This ensures the optimal use of machines. Condition Monitoring supports predictive maintenance, which is more efficient than preventive maintenance. Condition Monitoring provides insight in performance, wear and mechanical risks of machines. This helps to prevent unnecessary and unplanned downtime.

Active GL

ASTER has a resolution of 15m, 30m, and 90m and is equipped with three sensors: VNIR (Visible and Near Infrared), WIR (Shortwave Infrared), and TIR (Thermal Infrared).The features of ASTER are that it provides a higher spectral resolution, visible, near IR, short wave IR, and thermal IR spectral area, and provides stereo images. ASTER can be used to monitor volcanic activity on land, change of coastline, vegetation in rainforest, wetland, etc., to predict surface energy flow, and to extract general DEM.

Time Frequency Analysis

In signal processing, time–frequency analysis comprises those techniques that study a signal in both the time and frequency domains simultaneously, using various time–frequency representations. Rather than viewing a 1-dimensional signal (a function, real or complex-valued, whose domain is the real line) and some transform (another function whose domain is the real line, obtained from the original via some transform), time–frequency analysis studies a two-dimensional signal – a function whose domain is the two-dimensional real plane, obtained from the signal via a time–frequency transform.

AVISS 3D Graphic Tool

AVISS is proud of the prominent technology in the field of 3D Graphic Tool. There are many tools for Scientific Data Visualization already introduced but it is very difficult to find a specific tool giving you a perfect satisfaction. Lots of cost and time to develop this kind of 3D graphic tool never guarantee success in design and practical application of it. We, AVISS ensures provision of 3D graphic tool which is exactly matched with your specification demand in a short amount of time and everything related to this tool will be handled as first class of confidentiality, for example there must be only one tool for each Scientific Data Field. AVISS has a lot of experiences to develop Application in N.V.H Field and these can make us promise to supply highly reliable application quickly.

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